Hi I'm Katrina,

Owner Of
Miss Ingredient

I am Leith’s trained with 20 years of experience working around the world. All my adult life I have been a passionate foodie - never long from flicking through a cookbook and able to turn any conversation into a chat about food. My travels are only complete if I have talked my way into a few local kitchens and come home with a new recipe, a weird and wonderful gadget or range of spices! Feeding others and entertaining is a big part of what I love, and I take a great pleasure in developing delicious, memorable meals for clients’ special occasions or in my own home.

Having qualified at Leith's Cookery School I cut my teeth in the culinary world on luxury yachts, high end chalets, film & TV sets and private homes around the world. I loved combining travel with developing my skills and picking up influences from the environments I found myself in.

I am very confident working with a huge range of cuisines - including Modern British, Middle Eastern, Burmese, Sri Lankan, Indian and Thai - all with a healthy and innovative twist. I have developed my own style, characterised by big flavours and vibrant colours, using the best seasonal ingredients sourced locally and from across the U.K.

I live in Long Compton in the Cotswolds with my husband Dave and daughters Mimi & Marnie, who share my passion for travel and food and inspire me every day. In the kitchen I’m usually accompanied by my fantastic assistant Matilda who brings a smile to the face of anyone she meets and puts that extra sparkle and love into each meal.

“Eating well means giving thought to every part of the
journey from farm to fork, including careful selection of suppliers, packaging and every other aspect of your meal.”

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